The upside down snooker glasses are ideal for people playing snooker, the extra height at the top gives ideal table top performance, the semi rimless lens does not interfere in your vision when looking acroos the table.

They are available with pretty much any prescription lens, for people either long sighted or short sighted.


Product Update

Unfortunatley our suppliers have now discontinued the very popular Dennis Taylor Snooker Glasses.

Over the years I have sold many hundereds of pairs of these frames all over the world.

To replace the Dennis Taylor Snooker Glasses, I am currently having our very own Bowden Opticians Snooker Glasses Frame manufactured.

The Bowden Opticians Snooker Glasses Model Mark will be available from early 2020, this will accomodate everyones need for specialist Prescription Snooker Glasses, availble in two Colours Gold and Gunmetal.

This Model is now available for pre-order with 25% Off and can be viewed on the link here:-

Bowden Opticians Snooker Glasses Model Mark

Dennis Taylor Snooker Glasses

(Sorry Now Discontinued)

They where popularised by the snooker legend, Dennis Taylor back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

The models we have in stock have already become our best selling snooker glasses, they have been endorsed by Dennis Taylor, we haveĀ  two models of snooker glasses available,.

Both styles are semi-rimless and are available in two colour variations, black and dark gunmetal, with a matt finish to ensure there is no glare off the frame when playing. All frames are complete with an authentic Dennis Taylor signature on the temples as well as a monogrammed case & cloth all beautifully pakaged into an elegant box.