Woow Designer Eyewear is sold under the brand of leading glasses manufacturer Designer Eyewear Group.

The Woow Brand is now sold in over 40 countries worldwide, bringing iconic London and Paris fashion under one look.

The unique Woow design brings unusual colours and unique shapes to the glasses market.

Each pair hasunique writing on the inside of the temples, designed to make you smile in the morning.

Very unusual but quirky, with models such as First Date 1,this is an acetate frame, with sprung hinges and six wonderful colours, the writing can be clearly seen on the image below.

Woow Glasses First Date 1

All the models shown are competitivley priced at £159.95 including single vision lenses free of charge.

Woow Designer Glasses Model Brand New 1below

Again this is an acetate model with sprung hinges, stunning vibrant colours and unusual design.

To view the full collection click on the link below:-

Woow Designer Eywear