Photochromic lenses or Transition lenses are a plastic prescription lens, designed to go darker in sunlight or when exposed to UV.
A chemical compound within the lens comes under ultraviolet light, transition lenses darken even on cloudy days to keep out those damaging rays. Then, when you return indoors, they simply return to transparency.

The lenses change very quickly when exposed to UV light, however for the lenses to go clear again when you return indoors this can take around 3-5 mins which can be rather annoying.

Another disadvantage with this type of lens because the reaction relies upon UV sunlight, modern day cars with tinted windscreens can block out the UV, preventing the reaction taking place.

To overcome this problem the lens manufacturer Hoya has introduced a range of Photochromic lenses called Sensity.


Sensity Dark Prescription Lenses:-

  • Extra Darkness Outdoors.
  • Sensity Dark change behind the car windscreen.
  • 100% Protection against UV rays.
  • Reduced glare.


The Sensity Dark lenses deliver extra darkness in the open air, offering the performance our customers require in their outdoor activities. Cycling, fishing, driving, playing golf, running – the lenses even darken behind the car windscreen because they react to a wider light spectrum.

It means that when our customers experience super-intense light or high temperatures, Sensity Dark lenses bring ultimate comfort and most spectacular of all: the lenses quickly fade back to full clarity indoors. This makes Sensity Dark the next step in light reactive lenses.

These lenses are available in Silver Grey, Bronze Brown and Emearald Green, with a full range of single vision and varifocal options availble.


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