Stunning New Collection of Range Rover Designer Sunglasses.

Following the successful launch of the Land Rover Sunglasses Collection in 2017. Award winning Frame and Spectacle supplier Eyespace have introduced a brand new range of Luxury Range Rover Sunglasses.

In all the Range Rover Sunglasses have nine individual models, all built with the latest innovation and supreme technology.

  • NXT Polarized Lenses, unrivalled as a driving lens, NXT polarized lenses utilise the latest innovations in light management technology. Developed for the military, the lenses benefit from, advanced polarisation, Impact Resistance, ultimate high definition colour and clarity. Water and Oil repellent coatings that preserve lens condition, anti reflection coating for optimum glare control, with 100%UVA, UVB and UVC Protection.
  • Japanese Titanium, 100% pure japanese titanium, sourced from certified suppliers. Precsision engineered into highly desirable models through expert design. Titanium is Ultra Light, strong and as resistant as steel.
  • Japanese Beta Titanium, an incredibly high tech material favoured by the miltary and NASA as well as the Aeronautic and Medical Industries. Lightweight, flexible and strong for the ultimate metal construction.
  • Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate, the finest Italian Acetate available. Manufactured and sculpted using the most advanced engineering process then hand polished to perfection.

The model shown below is the Range Rover Sunglasses Model RRS 100 in Gunmetal, Japanese Titanium and NXT polarised lenses.


Another example is the Ranger Rover Sunglasses Model RRS 301 in black Italian Acetate and super lightweight NXT polarised lenses.

With prices starting at £199.95 you can view the entire Range Rover Sunglasses Collection by CLICKING HERE.